The release of Red Dead Redemption 2 has definitely become one of the loudest events in the gaming industry this year. You can enumerate the advantages of the sequel for hours, but there is more than that to it. And this is the complex, living and breathing world of the game.

Something is always happening here, you just don’t see it. Right over that forest, this very second, a gang is preparing to attack a rancho. There, in the bush, a traveler is slowly dying from a snake bite – you can stumble upon him and drain the poison from the wound. See that mountain? There is a tent on its slope where you’ll find a hunter – he just shot a deer and is about to take the meat to the butcher, but maybe you’ll want to buy it first. And the road you just left, there is a carriage riding down it, loaded with money for miners and not very well guarded… The game won’t alert you to every opportunity, the point is for you to search and find them yourself. And don’t worry if you missed a chance – there is always another waiting around the corner.

Besides, nobody prevents you from creating stories on your own. Here is a lonely horseman riding towards you. Will you greet him? Or perhaps try to rob him? Threats, shots – and he is disappearing on the horizon. His horse turned out to be faster and you weren’t precise enough. In an hour, you’ll meet the same traveler in a town, he’ll recognize you, raise an uproar and put up a fight with cheats codes. Perhaps you’ll have to spend the night in prison. But you can be lucky and meet a hunter you saved from a bear trap instead. He’ll introduce you to a rifle maker who’ll give you a new powerful gun. Everything that happens to you is the consequence of different episodes, both random and those of your authorship.

Because of this intricate chain of events, nameless NPS turn into people – kind-hearted, vengeful, cowardly and fight-picking – live people. The world comes alive. And you are part of it. This world constantly reacts to you – and not just by procedural bandits in the bushes. That’s what turns a usual game into RPG. Not upgrading, not stats, not the assortment of weapons, not even the choices you make, but the very world and your place it in. It’s important whether this world notices your presence, considers you to be its dweller or simply adapts its decorations and entertains. This is what Red Dead Redemption is and you can see it with your own eyes right now!

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