Today Red Dead Redemption is the best game in the world in a number of nominations. And it’s no wonder. Firstly, it is certainly the most fascinating western – with serious freedom of action, a serious plot and a rich ecosystem. It is also a decent horse riding simulator. Management, of course, requires some getting used to, but, having become accustomed, you can become a real cowboy – shoot at your pursuers over your shoulder and deftly drive herds of cows on pastures. Moreover, the hunting system is very complex and diverse, allowing you to hunt and set traps for a wide variety of animals. That will equip you with skins and organs that can be sold to local merchants.

Finally, this is the most non-standard and original GTA experience to date. For all those who are sick of smelly megacities with their immigrants, skyscrapers, smoking factories and hot dog vendors, Red Dead Redemption will be a breath of air – hot, dusty, but still fresh desert air. And even if this world has no future, it’s still far away: buffaloes roam on the prairie, bitter cowboys get soaked in saloons, and before the cars can fight with horses in terms of speed and maneuverability, it will take several more years. Rockstar Wild West forever froze on the edge of a bottomless abyss – such a spectacle can not be missed in any case. These points definitely speak in favor of giving a shot (pun intended) to the much-awaited sequel of Red Dead Redemption that just hit the market. Plunge into the whirlpool of cowboy adventures and keep your gun ready to escape death in the last second!

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