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Some games are more than just a story. More than just chasing and shooting. More than just a pack of latest graphics and cool perks. They unfold a whole world, vast, diverse and gripping. A world with its own history, its own atmosphere and its own philosophy. A world you want to live in. Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is just the kind of one.

The central theme of the game is the fall of the Wild West. We find ourselves in the state of New Austin at the turning point of its history: civilization is about to collapse and wipe out all cowboy romance from the face of the earth. In the opening scene, a crane unloads a car from a ship, as if hinting that horses will soon be replaced by horsepower. The old women on the train argue in an arrogant tone about the fact that the Indians were driven into reservations “for their own good.” At the same time, a middle-aged sheriff Armadillo is unsuccessfully trying to understand how “this damn phone” works.

The world of Red Dead Redemption is doomed, and its main characters are mere dinosaurs. They fight for the right to exist, and the toughest methods are used. In full accordance with the canon of the late westerns, the developers are doing extremely gloomy things before our eyes. In Red Dead Redemption there are scenes of mass executions of partisans. Here horses are regularly killed. Authorities hang housewives. Criminals bury prostitutes. With an unpleasant, squishy sound, people strip skins from the buffaloes. And the adventures of the main character begin with the fact that he gets a bullet under the ribs – greetings from old comrades. Where will his path bring him? That’s up to you. Guide the hero either to a new life of nobility and fame or throw him back into the whirlpool of immorality and criminal chaos. You can’t change the future of the Wild West, but you can at least change your own present!

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