What makes a good game? The absorbing mix of a good story, action-packed adventure and a detailed world open for exploration. You can find all that in Red Dead Redemption. One of the most expected games of the year, it hurls you into the daring and risky life of the Wild West filled with spectacular gunfights, high-tension situations and small things that make up for the peculiar atmosphere of the game.

The hero, John Marston, is a former outlaw who now has to deal with the members of his ex gang to free his family from the paws of local authorities. The task is not simple, especially considering the fact that you’ll have to make a long way to the town of your destination. There is a vast land lying before you and crossing it will mean encountering constant dangers and having to make choices that will influence not only the fate of other characters, but also their attitude towards you. In this game, you can get famous as a rescuer nobly helping everyone in need and fighting injustice or as a bloodthirsty criminal who doesn’t care for other people’s hardships. You are the one making a choice, but you are also the one dealing with the consequences.

Aside from the main missions crucial to the storyline, you will also get multiple opportunities through side quests. They range from capturing bandits from the bounty posters and assisting random strangers calling for your help to robbing trains, killing farmers and pulling off illegal schemes. Each way is equally rewarding in terms of money, but doing good things will increase your honor meter while acting lawlessly will put you on the same line with other brutes whose heads are priced by the government. So don’t be surprised if you find the gates of the town you are heading for closed and sherifs chasing you all over the prairie if you choose the path of crime. You see, Red Dead Redemption is a game where you don’t just need to act quickly, but also to think carefully. Learn what else developers have added to the sequel and enjoy the ride!

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