Red Dead Redemption 2 Hack

Another part of the western saga, Red Dead Redemption 2 tells a story of a tough guy named John Marston. He spent his young years in a gang of outlaws and now has to pay for his crimes. The government has taken his family hostage and demands that he helps them jail the most dangerous of his former colleagues. Marston has no other choice but to cooperate. However, between the starting and ending points of his crusade are a few dozen hours of gameplay. A quick acquaintance with the game takes no less than twenty hours, a good portion of which is the study of the prairies and the hunt for armadillos. And this is the most fascinating part of the game – adventure at every turn, complete freedom of action, fantastic landscapes, spending the night under the starry sky…

Everything else can be easily found in story and side missions – horseback riding, clearing the village, storming the fort, defending the train, capturing carriages… You’ll definitely remember the crossing of the river under a hail of bullets, agricultural missions for cattle grazing, a trolley race at the farm and other spectacular episodes accompanied by wonderful videos. The gunfights are very detailed and adrenaline-packed, with the ability to put target marks on several people in slow motion and then enjoy your character automatically fire at them without any added efforts. If you don’t want to kill your enemy, only hurt them to bring them alive to a local police office for bounty, you can aim at their arm or leg.

The part that makes the game most lifelike, though, is the morality system. All your choices and actions affect other character’s attitude and behavior. If you tend to help strangers, assist sherifs in capturing the outlaws and do good things, people will feel safe in your presence and help you in return. Hanging out with bandits, committing crimes and showing no care for others’ life, on the other hand, will make you an unwelcome guest in most of the settlements. There is also a three-star wanted system, so watch out for pursuit if you see a star on your screen. And of course don’t miss the opportunity to cash in by playing poker and blackjack in one of those atmospheric saloons where you can meet plenty of curious characters!

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