Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is one of the hardest and most cruel games of Rockstar, and this cruelty is not showy, here no one will poke the player in the face with guts and severed heads. On the contrary, the developers describe the horrors of cowboy life in an extremely casual tone – and this makes it truly creepy. Here is a headshot in a street duel to turn a half-skull man. Here we met a crazy grave robber, who carries the corpses in his wagon and conducts intimate conversations with them. And there, behind the hillock, the blacks must be lynching – wild places, think what news.

The harsh reality of the Wild West cannot be mitigated even by traditional GTA buffoons. It’s worth to mention the fat merchant elixirs of eternal youth (pretends to be an intellectual, quotes “Iliad” and “Othello”), an eternally drunk Irishman named Irishman, the leader of Mexican resistance, more like a capital major with delusions of grandeur, as well as neurotic Professor, who was expelled from Yale for degradation and cocainism. All these glorious guys deliver a lot of pleasant moments, but towards the end of the game they disappear somewhere. John Marston is left alone with the ruthless “civilized world” represented by two government agents. And you don’t need to be a professional screenwriter to understand that this confrontation will not end up in anything good for Marston.

The game is a series of frantic chases, intense shootouts and cinema cliches, but with desperate depth that makes them so lifelike. You don’t feel that you’re playing anymore, you’re actually living through each situation together with the hero. Find out what is the Wild West like when you have to challenge it every day, every minute and what are your chances to get out of another fix alive if you do things right (or wrong, the choice is yours)!

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