Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4

We’ve been expecting quite a lot from the sequel of Red Dead Redemption for Play Station 4. And our expectations haven’t been futile. Rockstar has done a great job not only with the storyline and mechanics, but also with the whole gaming world that strikes the eye with its plausibility and diversity. When you start playing, you instantly delve in the atmosphere of the Wild West standing on the verge of the old and new life. Cowboys in perky hats proudly riding their horses, brutal guys brandishing guns in the middle of a crowded saloon, cunning beauties knowing how to get the money out of naive strangers – all that is about to give way to technical progress. And those used to live by the old laws now have to adapt – or die sticking to the artifacts of the epoch that nurtured them.

The same choice hangs over the main hero of the game, a rigid, bold guy named John Marston. He was a criminal once and his past still chases him no matter how hard he tries to get away from it. His wife and son are imprisoned by the government in at attempt to make him collaborate. He now has to find, capture and deliver his the members of his former gang if he hopes to see them again. And so our hero sets off.

His way is not a short and easy one. It lies across the vast wilderness of Texas and Mexico. You’ll get to enjoy amazing landscapes and nature effects, find out what it’s like to survive in the forest and learn to keep your eyes peeled even if there seems to be no threat on the horizon. There is a strong element of survival, since you need to eat, drink and sleep to restore your health. So you have to make sure you can find a safe shelter in case you’re hurt or out of supplies.

Side missions and random events offer quite a lot of opportunities to cash in or get hold of useful items. People you helped will remember that and pay you off with favors. Those that suffered from your actions will be eager to make you suffer in return. If you involved in too much of criminal activity, your face can end up on wanted posters. But even if your honor level is solid, that doesn’t mean you won’t face any dangers. The Wild West is a hazardous place. Fights, chases and shootouts are happening here every minute. So keep your gun close to pull it out first!

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