Red Dead Redemption 2 Update

The genre of western has been unrightfully forgotten. Until Red Dead Redemption. This amazing, atmospheric RPG with plenty of gameplay features and possibilities once again told the glorious story of reckless cowboys, brutal bandits and shady sherifs playing both sides. The hero of the sequel, ex villain John Marston, finds himself in a difficult situation. Local authorities have captured his family and want to exchange them for Marston’s old friends. To see his wife and son again, John has to find the members of his former gang and bring them to the government. So he gets on his horse and rides towards the unknown on this new update.

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is huge and versatile. Even in the wilderness you may never know when you’ll be attacked by wild animals or roaming bandits. You’ll constantly have to take split-second decisions and make tough choices. You can choose a path of a brave hero rescuing the needy or get back to your old crooked ways. That will affect your reputation and the way people react to your appearance. If you lend someone a helping hand, you can well expect a return favor. But if you cross someone’s path, don’t think that person will leave you alone. You’ll bump into the same characters in the least expected places and it’s better if they guy who recognized you in the crowd is your friend.

To find bread and roof over your head in towns and equip yourself with reliable weapons, you’ll need money. Luckily, there are enough opportunities to earn them. You can perform side missions, hunt for wanted criminals or simply try your luck at gambling in one of the shabby saloons. Alternatively, you can make some income by selling skins of the wild animals and collecting herbs for local medics. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game your can play for hours!

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