Red Dead Redemption 2

The long-awaited sequel of Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out! You can once again plunge into this fascinating world of cowboys and bandits following the story of the West’s most renowned outlaw, John Marston, who is struggling to abandon his criminal past and start a new life. The game has become even more intricate in terms of graphics, mechanics, missions and the whole atmosphere. The lack of urban hustle and bustle more than compensates for a million accidental events that can happen to a lone traveler on a horse.

You may encounter a woman in her underwear compassionately asking for help: once you approach her, there will be a crowd of criminals jumping from behind the nearest boulders and showering you with lead. In the street, you can contact the grocery store vendor and ask him to catch the bandit who robbed him. A lonely lost Mexican can easily steal your horse. A peasant kind of peasant will offer to take part in an adventure on stealing carts with provisions.

You’ll have to interact with the environment, whether you like it or not. NPC rarely pay for fulfilling story missions (and often they don’t pay at all), and you really need money to buy new weapons (towards the end, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and sticks of dynamite), as well as medicines, blue tickets and horse stimulants so that the animal doesn’t dry out ahead of time or throw off the rider. Opportunities to earn some cash are plentiful. There are random missions. There is hunting: animals can be shot just like that or lured using a special potion; skins and organs can be ripped off from corpses and sold at a bargain price – wolf hearts and bear claws are especially well apart. There are blackjack, dice, poker and the job of a night watchman. Finally, you can search for treasure or execute contracts for killing bandits who are searched by local authorities. If you manage to deliver them alive, you will receive twice the amount of money, but for this you need to somehow manage to tie the villain.

And you can, on the contrary, join the criminals, start robbing caravans, kidnap civilians and cruelly execute donkeys. But keep in mind that the game has a karma system – and those who set foot on the slippery path will be more actively pursued by the authorities (but the thugs, on the contrary, will meеt you with open arms). There is much more to try in Red Dead Redemption. So why waste your time? The wild, wild West is waiting for you!

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