Red Dead Redemption 2019

Those who have been waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 2019 with impatience can now rejoice. The sequel is finally online and it has grown even more complex and absorbing than the previous part. The game world has turned out so large and diverse that you can easily reproduce in it an arbitrary scene from your favorite western. A train robbery, a prairie chase, a wild mustang, a screaming woman bound on a railroad track – for Red Dead Redemption, these are just fleeting episodes that happen at every turn. With such possibilities, the game, in principle, could have done without a plot at all, but even more interesting and surprising things happen in the key missions than in the desert.

The game imitates the style of naturalistic westerns of the 60-70s. The main character, an unshaved cowboy named John Marston, comes to the town of Armadillo on the instructions of the government to find and neutralize his former gang colleagues – in exchange for this, two agents in bowlers promise that they will forgive him for all past sins and return his wife and son, who were taken hostage. And here Rockstar uses their favorite tricks – movie testimonials and clown characters – but in the Wild West they have a completely different story. The plot diligently copies the “Wild Gang”, and later the authors will turn to classical westerns more than once. Red Dead Redemption isn’t so much about the story, but mostly about the fascinating yet gloomy atmosphere that captures the player from the very first minutes. Your journey through the Western states and Mexico is about to begin. Keep your hand on your gun and be ready for action!

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