Red Dead Redemption 3

The sequel of the epic western Red Dead Redemption 3 is finally out. What story will we hear this time? The events unfold in 1899 – a symbolic year, the downfall of the Wild West, one step until the new age. Civilization has reached the Frontier still populated by people who know no life without violent and freedom. They have no place in the new world and their old one is about to collapse. The game is about them. Disgusting, poor guys you still feel compassion for.

The Wild West of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a world where Valentine, a cinematic village soaked in dirt and whiskey, borders on San-Denny, the analogue of New Orleans, with electricity, restaurants, art galleries and other comforts of the new century. There is a half hour ride between them. The past and the future at arm’s length. San-Denny is growing while Valentine is dying. San-Denny is the home of the elegant Italian mafia while the prairies behind its walls are still filled with shabby tramps on horses.

This world is beautiful and ugly at the same time. Incredible nature coexists with off putting violence. The first wonders of civilization and pitch black factory smoke shut in spectacular landscapes. Gentlemen in expensive smokings can be seen in the streets together with threadbare miners. Veterans of the civil war beg for spare change on the thresholds of banks and broker’s establishments. All this in diverse decorations – from the classic prairies to marches and snow-covered mountains. Visually the game reminds every western movie you’ve seen. It’s an ultimate, accurate and scenic western for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. If you haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2 yet, you definitely shouldn’t waste your time!

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