Rockstar’s Western

If you were among those looking forward to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, you can breathe out with ease – the game is already available! The gripping story, the contradictory hero with a hard fate, the highly detailed world, the amazing visuals – the sequel lives up to our expectation. But its most important advantage is the captivating atmosphere visible in every pixel, surrounding you every minute of gameplay.

Every element of Red Dead Redemption 2 works to this end. Not just the complex characters with their own stories and problems. Laconic music completing the atmosphere. Spectacular landscapes, fascinating weather effects and volume lighting. Realistic sounds of nature, detailed towns and interiors. Amazing voicing. Long horse rides, carriage and train trips, thousands of small things like the necessity to eat, drink, dress up, pick up your hat after a fight, feed and clean your horse, calm it down after a shootout – all this adds to the impression.

The game features a good deal of thought-over and well-animated routine that doesn’t make you bored or tired even after hundred of hours. But it never boils down to a hardcore survival simulation – it knows the measure and loosens the realism when it’s necessary. It knows when to cut a long journey short and when to add a scattering of details. Rockstar knows its way with such things. The sequel features a palpable, living environment open for exploration and interaction. You can choose any gaming strategy, any pattern of behavior and the world will adapt, not always in your favor. That challenges you not only to show good reflexes, but also take the right decisions. Play Red Dead Redemption online and see for yourself!

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