Ultimate Edition

If you never played Red Dead Redemption Ultimate Edition before, the best way to describe it is to say that it’s exactly what GTA is, only about cowboys. There is identical mechanics: an open world, tasks that can be performed in any order. There are cities, shops, public transport (diesel locomotives, stagecoaches), plenty of extra classes, mini-games and a brood of silly characters. Shooting is the same (auto-aiming, system of shelters), types of tasks – in general, they are similar, the engine and physics are identical. But at the same time, Red Dead Redemption and GTA are two completely different games. And all thanks to the setting.

It was enough to pull Grand Theft Auto out of the metropolis into a clean field and put it on a horse, as it was transformed beyond recognition. The rules of behavior that we have developed over the years of criminal activity under the conditions of urban agglomeration do not work at all in the society of coyotes and dark mustached men in wide-brimmed hats.

Giant cities are no more. The most highly developed settlement in the game world – the civilized city of Blackwater – resembles an average village in size. Other settlements and even less. The rest of the space is occupied by endless prairies, mountains baked by the sun or covered with snow, valleys, groves, marshes …

It feels like riding through GTA countryside. But in Read Dead Redemption, everything is different: in each location there is a whole zoo of animals, from coyotes and rabbits to lynxes, bears, beavers and skunks. It seems that they even somehow interact with each other, but we didn’t notice serious cooperation – except that vultures fly to places of military glory in a flash, and the horses are regularly frightened by wolf packs. Intrigued? Time to find out more by starting to play Red Dead Redemption online right now!

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