Undead Nightmare

The gaming community has been buzzing about one single thing for the past week – Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. What are the things that make this game so captivating? First of all, it’s the amazing atmosphere that literally carries you to that brutal, romantic Wild West you know from the movies. The world is filled with details and situations allowing you to feel part of it. A random shootout on the road, the rescue of a woman tethered to the rails from the coming train, a fight with a bear in the wilderness, a poker tournament in a smoked saloon…

Every step of your way offers you opportunities to earn money and repute. And it’s up to you how to use them. You can either become a hero saving poor farmers from bandits or a villain robbing trains. And people will behave around you accordingly. They will do you favors as a sign of gratitude or try to have their revenge. So be ready to deal with the consequences of your moral choices.

Another thing Red Dead Redemption 2 thrills us with is the accuracy and plausibility of the gameplay. Damage can be not only quantitative, but also qualitative. A headshot is a headshot and the parameters of the gun don’t matter if that shot is well-aimed. If you want to take your enemy alive, you can target their leg instead – they won’t be able to run away. Any fall from the horse can be fatal, even if your health is ok. Not all games remember that.

Finally, the world of the sequel is alive and breathing. Events unfold at their own pace, even without your participation. When you arrive at a town, you will find it living a bustling life, people involved in complicated relationships and shady affairs, and sometimes you can meddle in to tip the scales. And their episode won’t just end there. You can meet the same person you helped or hurt in quite another location. And depending on how you parted this character may either give you a hand in a tough situation or thwart you in an important mission. This is part what makes Red Dead Redemption 2 so exciting and realistic.

There are plenty of other features we can talk about. But it’s better to check them out on your own. Your Red Dead Redemption adventure is about to start! So get on your horse, grab your gun and ride on to see what’s ahead!

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